The Romance of the Three Kingdoms " this book is hit by the Three Kingdoms times describing that from when now already has had 1,700 to have arrived at long of 1760. People who composes in reply at that time now how old different places other has had no most probably, again besides except (the change that the shape holds outside only the evolution here finger) that time brings along. Once, write but know from reading The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, such long time passes, people's thought aspect change is as trifling as it is , almost is unable to see to have institute changes. On the contrary , at that time person needs to I think that person is B than now, depend on honest aspect mainly. Honest Zhan of people now tiny minority, but at that time honest essential points of person accounts for great majority. Scholar of that person of talents and virtue loyal and steadfast is met the eye everywhere , is yearned for that very much by me! Believe that I will find a bosom friend if being born in that times. But, in this times opposing ancestor dissociation, the honest disaster looks for a bosom friend. Be that my thought falls behind? Maybe. But, I think that person ought to be pure as a lily. A lot of people now living conditions at that time B comparing with bag essential points, this is the contribution coming from a meagre lot unusual talent , does not attribute to people now. The most does not break away from brutish nature in people now , it is impossible that they making contribution to development of human being , being some of obstruction that history vehicle has followed on the contrary. Why these person makes them alive , why to produce their woollen cloth? People's head of a moron is kindhearted pure, this have got a certificate. The novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms had watched on 1988 , that time is very young, besides the word composes in reply a outcome being low-spirited except leaving simple one poem, seemingly not other recording. Have seen its able TV serial is patted , inward excitation suddenly one day endlessly, every day keep in the TV set; Take a look on that the headquarter accommodates oneself to in conclusion till the more than 40 part, is second not know why have not broadcast downward. A day puts in one part , the story of a play continuing publishing the comment on an article and relevance checking this TV play on newspaper introduces that within close two months time,being to discuss about an actor but , appraise general and marshal personages such as Liu , Cao , grandchild , discuss content emptiness and reality. But I arrive at but always face to face almost every collection is visible those die in an accident soldiers are sad. Those unfamous blocks of wood know the mere pawns who surname is , are obviously our these rank and file today? Why is mentioned with regard to the nobody? Rank and file sees self life and death of the same stratum same destiny people without taking any notice , intentionally need to praise those general and marshal woollen cloth extoling in the common people brothers who get sb. by the short hairs, are butchering wantonly equal with self position but? Be that they force the young people to act as their toy to crave for personal fame and gain, for personal enmity selfish desire , act as their prey. What be sat enjoy glory , splendour , wealth and rank life be still these sweat and toil of young people is adorned , is let them go and squander , get rid of enjoyment after thinking that they win a victory but say the emperor swears allegiance or achieves success and acquires fame,they are still managing granting life or death and giving or seizing properties of the people of young people power over major issues. Think that their enough fame and gain enjoys all good fortune emolument but post-mortem , be that the young people sets up them in order the hero goes to be eulogized everywhere through the ages. Govern the contribution that the stratum asks to flaunt them more naturally, look upon them as nation outstanding person , construct their grave eternally firmly , their full name is carved entering history. The hero is their same kind because those are so-called , like this first , second, return initiative back but encourage to allure those boorish fellows who foolish but vainglorious and cunning traitor ministers and bellicose and unwilling young people or is forced the field goes and follows the example of and venerates, to consolidate their regime and the life indulging in creature comforts, to avoid getting rid of their having anxiety over one's rear. Be only those skeleton and full name of mere pawn but having disappeared completely , whom there is mentioning, whom to have to be thinking of. Be member of China in history, the common people is so ignorant pitiful, the ruler is so crafty abominable! Disregarding be history be still future ruler but, never hoping that the public thinks of these also very dreadfully , do not allow somebody to be speaking the plain truth like this more. Think of the people who joins brave doctrine coming out like that even if being just like Ye Wen Fu , certain condemning and punishment that can meet with ruler and their talons and fangs, also is able to meet with handful of present a ruler , small people for their congenital flunkey who beats gongs to clear the way together criticising. The ruler is to be afraid that the common people are very sober but resists their might ruling, be unreconciled to act as their instrument; Hold cursed slaves of smelly foot in both hands but give first place to only muonic showing appreciation for, the god of the earth is intelligent ask for their tooth. In fact get or not liking to be unavoidable once growing position, one kind of destiny, coming round exactly as or not is like the implement together.